Starptautiskie mentori

The Accelerator Program will run from 24th May till 18th June 2021.

More information and detailed program:

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List of Mentors and links to their profiles:

  • Alan Barrell - Heathcare and technology startups, innovation ecosystems, finance plan, providing feedback to founders' business and finance plans - Finland, Poland, UK, China
  • Anastasia Moskvina - Social Entrepreneurship, Non-profits and Social Innovations - Russia, France
  • Anu Oks - Finance consulting, business consulting, explaining what investors want to see in teams - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland
  • Arvydas Strumskis - Experience in private fund management, in start-up investment and business development and management consulting in sphere of strategic management - Lithuania, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Latvia
  • David Bell - Communications, IT solutions and technology, business management and leadership, defining business goals, providing outside perspective, training individuals who want to learn how to speak and present like an expert - UK, Spain
  • Ivan Kjær Lauridsen - Specialist health and assisted living technologies in municipalities - Denmark
  • Jan Storgards - Digital and creative industries, Software development, Computer games, Entrepreneurship and technology startups, European and regional funding, Company cluster development - Finland, UK
  • Jani Rusi - Finance consulting, healthcare consulting, business consulting. Internationalization services in Finland (WTC). He is able to mentor many companies (one hour each) concerning the business possibilities in Finland.
  • Julija Kravčenko - Design thinking for medtech/biotech innovation, European funding opportunities for innovation development and successful application competencies, technical medtech product management, international sales - Lithuania, Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA, China
  • Maksim Makarov - Business strategies, product launching, market research, CustDev - Russia
  • Orsolya Ihasz - Researcher in responsible innovation management and sustainability at Cranfield University, lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, passionate about sustainable value creation - UK
  • Sussi Biancho - Health & Care Tech Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Denmark
  • Vadim Barausov - AgeTech and Silver Economy projects, NGO leadership - Russia, USA
  • Walter Herriot - Social entrepreneurship, medical and technology business development, networking and mentoring skills, innovation and incubation centres - Latvia, UK
  • Yulia Aray - Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable development and strategic management, Business Models, Business Model Innovation, Strategic Analysis, Qualitative Methods of Research - Russia, UK
  • Zigurds Likums - Product development in small and large enterprises, GovTech, software and digital transformation - Latvia, UK