Innovation Program - Call for Proposals

Smart Silver Lab Innovation Program and the following Accelerator Program are part of the Interreg programme co-funded project Osiris, involving partners from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. It is designed to support business and social innovation ideas that are tackling the needs and opportunities within the sectors of silver economy in the countries around the Baltic Sea,

We aim to face the challenges of ageing populations through development of new products and services that meet the needs and create opportunities for senior citizens across the Baltic Sea region.

We support the development of the silver economy – the part of the economy that concerns older citizens, and improve the capacity of innovation actors to apply smart specialization approach for tackling the challenges brought about by the ageing of the region’s population. For Latvia the focus is information and communication technologies, health and welfare technologies, senior employment and empowerment services, living space development solutions (infrastructure, transportation services, environment, housing, refurbishment).

We work with an innovation ecosystem model – Smart Silver Lab – connecting researchers, product and service developers, public institutions, financiers and end-users with the aim of accelerating product and service development.

We offer individualized mentoring, training sessions to develop the ideas, products and services, as well as networking opportunities with Osiris entrepreneurs from the countries around the Baltic Sea region. Through the Innovation Program we provide support for entrepreneurs and innovators for generating and developing smart specialization and business innovation projects within the sectors of silver economy. In each country up to 10 innovation ideas will be accepted to the Innovation Program. Out of these the most developed projects will be invited to the second stage of the Smart Silver Lab approach – the Accelerator Program – preparing the products and services for the market uptake.

Who is invited to participate? Entrepreneurs, small and medium companies, students and innovators are invited to submit ideas within the defined scope of the program – the silver economy and the regional smart specialization priorities.