About the Latvia-Cambridge Venture Camp

Latvia-Cambridge Venture Camp 2024 will be organized in spring in Latvia, and in summer in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Students and nascent entrepreneurs are invited to take part in the Venture Camp. In the first part of the Camp, which will be held in Latvia, participants will work in teams to develop their business ideas and chase for the opportunity to participate in the second part of the Camp in Cambridge. Best participants and teams will be nominated to take part in the Cambridge module. The workshops in Riga and Cambridge will be led by experienced faculty members of universities and entrepreneurs.

The initiator of the Venture Camp is ambassador of entrepreneurship professor Alan Barrell, who has spent more than 40 years in senior executive positions in technology-based companies, and has a vast international experience working with number of universities across the UK, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, China and elsewhere. The mission of Alan is to promote entrepreneurship in all parts of the world and empower people of different backgrounds or society levels to work out their entrepreneurial projects.


  • Students, nascent entrepreneurs, innovators with their business ideas (with or without a team);
  • Others, even if you have no business idea, but do have a passion to join the entrepreneurial team and help with your competences.


The program of the Venture Camp is structured in two modules. The first module will take place in Latvia where up to 50 participants can participate. The second module will take place in Cambridge, U. K., as a one-week intensive camp, where 15 best participants of the Latvia module will be invited.

The program is organized by CONNECT Latvia and Anglia Ruskin University in cooperation with Cambridge Worldwide Associates, Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, College of Business Administration.

Program team: Dainis Senbergs, Elmars Baltins (both - CONNECT Latvia), Janis Supe (College of Business Administration), Karlis Purmalis (University of Latvia), Modris Ozolins (Riga Technical University); Cambridge team - Alan Barrell (Cambridge Worldwide Associates), Catherine Foottit, Cristina Ionita (both - Anglia Ruskin University), Marcia Baldry-Bryan, David Bell, Jonathan Mantle.


REGISTRATION will planned to be open (tbc) from 4 March 2024 until 9 April 2024

Additional information by e-mail [email protected].