About the Venture Camp

Riga-Cambridge Venture Camp 2016 will be organized in Autumn/Winter in Riga, Latvia and Cambridge, UK. Students and start-up entrepreneurs, who are willing to launch their business, are invited to take part in the Venture Camp. In the first part of the Camp, which will be held in Riga, participants will develop their business ideas and will compete for the opportunity to participate in the second part of the Camp in Cambridge by pitching their business ideas. Five teams will be nominated to take part in the Camp in Cambridge. The lessons in Riga and Cambridge will be led by competent, acknowledged faculty members of universities and entrepreneurs.

The initiator of the Venture Camp is professor D.B.A., F.R.S.A. Alan Barell (www.alanbarrell.com), who has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positions in technology-based industries, and has international experience as a professor working in several leading universities in the UK, Finland and China. The aim of Alan Barell is to promote development of entrepreneurship in Europe and Asia, by creating opportunities for international cooperation among educational institutions, entrepreneurs and organisations working in this area. To expand the perspectives of start-ups and students from Latvia, Riga-Cambridge Venture Camp is being organised, which we wish to develop as an annual event.


  • Students, start-up entrepreneurs, innovators with their business idea (with or without a team)

  • Students, who have no business idea, but have passion to join the entrepreneurial team and help with their competences


The participation fee in the first part of the Camp in Riga is 15 EUR per person. Participants, who will take part in the second part of the Camp in Cambridge, have to consider a participation fee of approximately 400 EUR, which will cover travel and student hostel expenses. The Program in Cambridge is at no cost thanks to our generous partners in Cambridge: Alan Barrell, Anglia Ruskin University, Judge Business School of University of Cambridge and others.